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Thu, Dec 4th 2008 by Todd Giles
Status of the improvements at Camp Rand:
  • * The pool has been renovated and winterized. It is now covered with the new cover.
  • * The shower house has been demolished and the site is ready for new construction.
  • * The sites for the COPE course and the climbing tower have been cleared and are ready for construction to start. Construction should start mid-December.
  • * The bid has been awarded for the new roofs for the ranger house and the lodge. This construction is slated to be finished by the end of the year weather permitting.

The following work is not scheduled and needs to be completed by the time summer camp starts:
  • * Grade all roads and build a new road to the maintenance yard.
  • * Construct shade shelters in the horse corrals. The metal roofing was salvaged from the shower house. If anyone can help provide poles and purlins or trusses, please contact Andy Mumma.
  • * The horse corrals need to be expanded to accommodate additional horses. 1200' of horse fencing has been donated. Supplies needed are posts or old power poles, railroad ties or other treated posts, and staples.
  • The men's urinal in the lodge needs to be removed so that the drain pipe can be repaired.
  • * The decking outside the lodge overlooking the parade grounds needs to be stripped and recoated to keep the water from leaking into the QM and trading posts. Materials and expertise to get this done are needed.
  • The latrines need to be rebuilt. New seats will be installed and new siding and doors are to be installed.

Other items needed are hay mangers for the corrals; culverts, minimum of 12" diameter up to 6' elliptical.

Anyone interested in helping can contact Andy Mumma at 505-410-8146 or at If anyone has experience with a skid steer (Bobcat) or would like to learn, there is plenty to do.

Please pass this along to your friends and fellow Scouters. Thanks for your help on this.

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